The Effect Of Lifestyle On One’s Health

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Lifestyle is a way of life adopted by individuals, communities, and nations that is shaped by geographical, economic, political, cultural, and religious contexts. The features of residents of an area at a specific period and location are referred to as lifestyle. It covers an individual’s day-to-day behaviours and functions in the workplace, activities, recreation, and food.

Why there is Detriment to health?

Researchers have become more interested in living style as a significant influence in health in recent decades. According to the World Health Organization, 62 percent of factors affecting individual health and quality of life are linked to one’s living.

  • Overuse of drugs is a major harmful lifestyle in several nations. Medication is preferred above other forms of treatment. Moreover, 15–40% of the time, they utilize medicines without a prescription.
  • The most often used medications are pain medicines, eye drops, and antibiotics. Antibiotics, for example, have a detrimental effect on the immune system; nevertheless, if the individual is infected, antibiotics will not be helpful in therapy. In general, 10% of persons who self-medicate will have serious problems, such as medication resistance. An allergic reaction to a medication can sometimes be fatal.

Healthy Lifestyle

Factors that impact health:

  1. Diet and BMI: Diet is the most important component in one’s lifestyle, and it has a direct and positive relationship with one’s health. In urban civilizations, poor diet and its effects, such as obesity, are a frequent health issue. BMI is a metric that may be used to determine how unhealthy a person’s lifestyle is. Urban living causes nutritional issues such as the consumption of fast meals and low-quality foods, as well as other health issues such as cardiovascular disease.
  2. Sleep: is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep and life are inextricably linked. Sleep problems have a number of social, psychological, economic, and health implications. Sleep is affected by lifestyle, and sleep has a direct impact on health and life.
  3. Application of contemporary technology: Advanced technology makes life easier for people. Misuse of technology can have unfavorable effects. For example, utilizing a computer or other gadget until after midnight may have an impact on sleep patterns and disrupt sleep. The usage of a mobile phone addiction is linked to depressive symptoms.

Systematic planning at the local and global level may be developed for each element. It has the potential to promote both a societal and individual healthy living. “Health is Wealth”.

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