Know Basics Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search engine optimisation, abbreviated as SEO, is the application of various techniques to optimise our content so that it gets discovered on a search engine. It is the practice of increasing website traffic by improving the quality of the content.

There are numerous websites listed on a search engine which provide content searched by a person. To rank above the other websites and among the topmost websites, search engine optimisation techniques are used.

The Internet is a huge ocean having an abundance of information and providing relevant results is the duty owed by the browser depending on the quality of the content.

Basic principle:

Now, let’s see what is the basic underlying principle of it, when the client searches for something by typing a relevant word in the Search Engine like Google, Yahoo etc, then one other thing comes into the scenario and that is Crawler. What Crawler does is search for everything on the server and keep the list of the website, pages, blog that have the relevant information on the topic fed by the client.

The crawler picks all those resources that match the requirement of the client, either by having the proper keyword, past traffic history, relevance of information or credibility of service.

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How does it work?

It is a simple process your content has to pass through several checks, which are listed below in steps:

  1. Content Submission: After creating a meaningful article or content submit it using the Webmaster tool.
  2. Content Crawlers: It copies the data of your website, blog, or any content and places that copy or stores your content on search engines (Google, Yahoo, or any) server.
  3. Content Index: Here, your content gets indexed, and to reach your prior audience, it will start appearing on Google or any search engine you are working on.
  4. Content Ranking: After completing the above steps, your website starts getting categorized, like what kind of content it is, what rank it deserves, on what page it should be placed.

More traffic:

The more the traffic on the website the more the profit for the owner so the content should be managed in the way that the browser picks it up and place in the top searches that’s what SEO can be simply explained. Where technically SEO involves much more technicality like crawl accessibility, compelling content that draws the user to your website, optimized keyword, great user experience, share-worthy content and much more. Precisely SEO can be put into simple words as ‘generating quality and quantity traffic to the website through organic search engine results’.