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Ways to Cure Acne

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Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and is caused by excessive oil clogging the pores on the face. People suffering from this disorder usually have pimples and whiteheads. Teenagers are the main victims of acne because they are in a state of constant change. They experiment with new hairstyles, outfits and makeup which often stimulate acne.

Acne can appear anywhere on the face, neck, shoulders and back. It mostly appears during puberty and it disappears after pubescent phase. Acne can leave permanent scars on the face. People with severe acne often try to hide their face or cover it with clothing to avoid the embarrassment. But with proper treatment, acne can be controlled and prevented completely.

People suffering from acne should wash their face gently with mild soap and water twice daily to remove excess oil and dirt. Scrubbing the face with rough cloth may result in scars or bruises. Avoid using harsh cleansers or exfoliates for the treatment. Soap and water applied on the face may increase the number of infections.

Some people also use benzoyl peroxide cream or lotion as a way of treating acne. The most effective creams are those that include salicylic acid. Benzoyl peroxide can be irritating to the skin, so people with dry skin should first consult a dermatologist before using this cream. There are many natural creams available that do not cause irritation to the skin.

Using facial scrubs can also help in treating acne. The scrubs should include herbal ingredients such as chamomile, ginkgo biloba and lavender. Chamomile and gingko biloba are herbal medicines that are known for their effectiveness in treating acne. Some scrubs also contain raspberry leaves that act as a natural anti-bacterial. They also contain jojoba oil. These scrubs can be used on the face and neck as well.

Acne can also be reduced by maintaining the right facial hygiene. People who do not take good care of their face should be more careful. The acne condition is caused by excess oil in the pores of the skin. So washing it with mild soap twice a day can eliminate the excess oil from the pores and thus prevent acne. Also, people who are prone to acne should stay away from stress as much as possible because stress can increase the breakouts of acne.

Most people who suffer from acne are usually teenagers. But adults who have acne can also suffer from this skin disorder. The best way to reduce acne is by having a healthy diet. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables helps a lot in maintaining the health of your digestive system. So along with eating plenty of fruits and vegetables you should eat more lean meats and whole grain foods.

In addition to eating the right diet there are also many other ways to deal with acne. Using face wash is a good way to get rid of acne. Before buying any face wash you should read the labels and make sure that it does not contain harmful chemicals that may cause damage to your skin. Most people are allergic to some types of chemicals used in making the face wash. So try to use a face wash that does not contain these chemicals.

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