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Pandemic–Why It Is Not an Excuse to Start or Continue Fitness Training

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Pandemic has gotten us locked down early and paralyzed the entire world socially and economically. Many countries suffered and many people have lost their lives. Truly, the pandemic is a nightmare that, until now, haunts us not only in our sleep but in broad daylight. But pandemic is not the end of everything. It should not stop you from moving forward and getting better. It should not be a reason at all to stop and think about fitness training.

We know a lot of people who have their routines disrupted because of the threat of Covid-19. We understand fully that the virus should be taken seriously. Proper health protocols should be followed to stop the spread of the invisible virus. Thankfully, our medical advancement has gotten us to where we are right now, and in less than a year or two, pharmaceutical companies have developed a vaccine that prevents us from getting hospitalized and badly affected. But this is a fight that we are still battling now and we should not let our guards down that easy. We should keep ourselves fit and healthy no matter what.

Vaccine is available, get vaccinated! 

As a contribution to society, getting vaccinated should be the easiest way. Various vaccines are available and completing yours will save a lot of lives.

In a crisis like this, the old saying that health is wealth should be emphasized. If you care about your body by going to fitness gyms and clubs, the more reason that you need to get vaccinated. Without vaccination, you risk yourself and other people getting sick, hospitalized, and worst, dying.

Fitness and personal training anywhere should be done responsibly. Know that a smart ninja is a ninja who knows how to protect oneself by getting vaccinated and protecting others in the process.

Fitness training during the pandemic: How to train safely

While other fitness club does not require face masks and proper distancing, it is still the best way to protect yourself and others. Facemask is highly encouraged and maintains a generous amount of distance from another person. Other than that, you should be fine!

Another way of doing fitness training safely is to get yourself proper sleep. We know that the pandemic has caused us a lot of stress and that we, sometimes, have sacrificed sleep to make up for other things that we needed to do. However, getting physical requires a large amount of energy and one cannot exert energy without proper sleep. If you are training without proper sleep, the chances of injury are higher because your muscles tend to be tighter, and your blood flow is not normal. You may feel dizzy or nauseous and can get you hospitalized.

Remember, Covid-19 is not a reason to stop you from reaching your goals. However, it is not also a reason to be careless most especially that every individual is in their different fitness level. Some may contract the virus easily and others do not.

In FitPrint, we make sure that we follow standard protocols, and we sanitize our gyms regularly to stop the spread of the virus as we believe that this pandemic should not be an excuse for anyone, not us, and definitely not you. Personal training with us is safe and a must!

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